Update on Schedule of 2018/ 2019 EQA/ PT Programme

Reference is made to an earlier advert on 2019 EQA/PT Enrolment from NEQAL.

NEQAL wishes to remind all participants that based on the terms of their enrolment, the 2017 EQA/PT cycle (batch 2) which commenced in November 2017 will end with the upcoming test event in July 2018.

Based on the above I wish to place it in good perspective that the 2018/2019 batch 3 EQA/PT Cycle will commence in October/ November, 2018 and those wishing to participate are advised to immediately visit the MLSCN website to download and complete their enrolment forms and advance payment to MLSCN through the stipulated means described therein and forward evidence of payment to the email on the form on the website before the end of August 2018.

The registration window will remain open till 30th November, 2018 for late participants who wish to join in the second test event of March 2018/2019 (batch 3).

All inconveniences arising from the above is highly regretted.


PT Coordinator

N/B The EQA/ PT Enrollment form can be downloaded at following the link below

EQAPT Enrollment Form