Approved MLA/T Training Institutions

1College of Health Tech. AbaAbiaFullMLT-50June, 2021
2Sch. of Health Tech. MubiAdamawaProvisionalMLT -502020
3Sch. of Health Tech, EtinanAkwa IbomProvisionalMLT - 502020
4Sch. of Med Lab. Technician, NkporAnambraFullMLT50June, 2022
5Sch. of Med. Lab Technician, IhialaAnambraFullMLT -50July,2021
6Sch. of Health Tech. ObosiAnambraProvisionalMLT-50April, 2021
7Iyi-Enu Mission Hospital OgidiAnambraFullMLT-50Oct-24
8Sch. of Health Tech. Bauchi, NingiBauchiFullMLT – 40, MLA -10November, 2020
9Malikiya College of Health Sciences and Technology, BauchiBauchiApproval to commenceMLT- 35December, 2020
10College of Health Technology Otuogidi-OgbiaBayelsaProvisionalMLT – 50June, 2021
11N.K.S.T School of Med Lab. Technician, Mkar-GbokoBenueFullMLT - 50November, 2021
12College of Health Tech. Otukpo ( John Adah)BenueFullMLT - 50October, 2020
13Makurdi College of Health & Medical Laboratory Science, makurdiBenueApproval to CommenceMLT-30Feb.2020
14Mercy College of Medical Laboratory Science, MakurdiBenueApproval to CommenceMLT- 30December, 2019
15College of Health Technology, AliadeBenueApproval to CommenceMLT- 30June, 2021
16College of Health Technology, GbokoBenueApproval to CommenceMLT- 30June, 2021
17Peace College of Health Technology, Otada-OtukpoBenueApproval to CommenceMLT- 30June, 2021
18Sch. of Health Tech. MaiduguriBornoProvisionalMLT- 75Sept,2011
19College of Health Tech. CalabarCross RiverFullMLT- 50, MLA - 10August, 2019
20Favour School of Health Technology, IkomCross RiverProvisionalMLT-30Nov., 2021
21Owoche School of Health Technology,bewo,kewarra L.G.ACross RiversApproval to commenceMLT-30Nov,2019
22Lutheran College of Health, Iboko Okpoma,Yala L.G.ACross RiversApproval to commenceMLT-30March,2019
23Sch. of Health Tech. Ofuoma, UghelliDeltaFullMLT -60March, 2019
24Blessed Martins International Institute of Science and Technology Ohatekwe, AmaguEbonyiApproval to commenceMLT- 35December, 2020
25Sch. of Health Tech, EzzangboEbonyiFullMLT - 50January, 2020
26Sch. of Health Tech. Benin CityEdoProvisionalMLT -502020
27College of Health Science &Tech.Ijero-EkitiEkitiProvisionalMLT - 50May, 2021
28Fabotas College of Health Sciences and Technology, Ado- EkitiEkitiProvisionalMLT-40March, 2021
29College of Health Science/ Technology, Ile-Abiye HospitalEkitiProvisionalMLT-50October,2021
30Mater Christi Catholic College of Health Science and Technology, Igede-EkitiEkitiApproval to commenceMLT- 30October, 2021
31Sch. of Health Tech. Oji-RiverEnuguProvisionalMLT -50October, 2021
32Sch. of Med. Lab. Technicians, EHA-AlumonaEnuguFullMLT -50January, 2021
33Eucharistic Heart College of Health Technology, OrbaEnuguApproval to commenceMLT- 30December, 2020
34Bishop Shanahan Sch. of Med. Lab. Asst/Technician NsukkaEnuguFullMLT - 50November, 2021
35Public Health Science and Technology Institute, Tunga MajeFCT, AbujaApproval to CommenceMLT - 30June, 2021
36Gombe State College of Health Science and Technology, KaltungoGombeFullMLT-50June, 2024
37Sch. of Med Lab. Technician, EmekukuImoFullMLT- 50March, 2024
38Sch. of Health Tech. Okporo, OrluImoFullMLT -50October, 2020
39College of Health Tech. AmaigboImoProvisionalMLT-50Feb,2019
40Vision College of Medical Science and Health Technology, Chokoneze, MbaiseImoProvisionalMLT-50October,2021
41Sch. of Health Tech. JahunJigawaFullMLT-50June,2022
42Rawafid International College of Health Science & Technology, DutseJigawaApproval to CommenceMLT- 30June, 2021
43Al-Ameen College of Health Sciences & Technology, KadunaKadunaApproval to commenceMLT-30Jan.,2020
44Baptist School of Health Technology, KafanchanKadunaApproval to commenceMLT- 30June, 2021
45Elite International Health Technology, Zaria, KadunaKadunaApproval to commenceMLT-25May,2019
46ECWA College of Health, KagoroKadunaFullMLT - 50November, 2020
47College of Health Tech. MakarfiKadunaFullMLT -30; MLA -20March, 2020
48Kaduna State College of Nursing &Mid-wifery, KafanchanKadunaApproval to commenceMLT-30March, 2019
49MAAUN College of Health Sciences and Technology, KadunaKadunaApproval to commenceMLT- 30June, 2021
50Sch. of Health Tech. KanoKanoFullMLT-40; MLA-15November, 2020
51Emirates College of Health Sciences and TechnologyKanoprovisionalMLT- 50May, 2021
52Aminu Dabo College of Health Science & TechnologyKanoDenied AccreditationMLT-30Six (6) months(Feb., 2020)
53Sir Sanusi School of Health Technology, Kano StateKanoApproval to commenceMLT-27May,2019
54Pyramid College of Health Technology, KanoKanoApproval to commenceMLT- 30June, 2021
55Sch. of Health Tech. KankiaKatsinaFullMLT-50March, 2020
56Muslim Community College of Health Technology, FuntusKatsinaProvisionalMLT-50October,2021
57Sch. of Health JegaKebbiFullMLT- 50November , 2020
58Sch. of Health Tech. IdahKogiFullMLT -50June, 2024
59Bartholomew College of Health Technology, ShaoKwaraApproval to commenceMLT- 30June, 2021
60College of Health Tech. OffaKwaraFullMLT-50December, 2021
61Navy School of Health Sciences, OffaKwaraFulllMLT - 50October, 2021
62Nigerian Army Sch. of Med. Lab. OjoLagosFullMLT -47June, 2020
63College of Health Tech. YabaLagosFullMLT -50Sept., 2022
64School of Health Tech. KeffiNasarawaFullMLT-50May-24
65Olivet College of Health Technology, Azuba, Nasarawa North L.G.ANasarawaFullMLT-50May-24
66Famsas College of Health Technology, KeffiNasarawaApproval to CommenceMLT- 30July, 2021
67Makama Dogo School of Health Technology, NasarawaNasarawaDienied AccreditationMLT-30 One(1) year(October, 2020)
68School of Health Technology, LafiaNasarawa StateApproval to commenceMLT-352018
69Sch. of Health Tech. MinnaNigerFullMLT - 40June, 2020
70Newgate College of Health Technology, MinnaNigerProvisionalMLT-50October,2021
71Yelwa College of Health Science and Technology, Rijau NigerApproval to CommenceMLT- 30May, 2021
72Crown Point International College of Health Science and Technology, Owode OgunApproval to commenceMLT- 20June, 2021
73Sch. of Health Tech. IleseOgunfullMLT -50March, 2021
74Pogil College Health Technology Oke-Eri, Oke mosu, Ijebu-odeOgunProvisionalMLT-40May, 2021
75Royal Institute of Health Technology Railway Crossing, Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway, IfoOgunFullMLT-45July,2024( Mid-term visit 2021)
76Sch. of Health tech. AkureOndoProvisionalMLT -50June, 2021
77Millennium College of Health Tcehnology, Aaye Oda Road, AkureOndoProvisionalMLT-50June,2021
78College of Health Tech. IlesaOsunFullMLT - 50August, 2022
79Crestfield College Health Technology, Erin-OsunOsunProvisionalMLT-30October,2021
80Sch. of MLT, BMC,SakiOyoFullMLT-50September, 2021
81Sch. of Med. Lab. Oke-Offa, Oluyoro, IbadanOyoDenied AccreditationMLT-50Six (6) months (Feb. 2020)
82Lead City College of Health Technology, Ibadan, Toll-gate AreaOyoApproval to commenceMLT-302019
83Oyo State College of Health Science and Technology, Eleyele, IbadanOyoApproval to commenceMLT- 30June, 2021
84College of Health, Pankshin,Plateau StatePlateauFullMLT-50; MLA-30January, 2020
85Sch. of Health Tech. ZawanPlateauFullMLT – 50; MLA - 20June, 2019
86FCVMLT, National Vet. Research Institute, VomPlateauFullMLT-130; MLA -50June, 2019
87Federal School of Medical Laboratory Technology JosPlateauProvisionalMLT-502018
88Sahlan School of Health Technology, JosPlateauProvisionalMLT-50October,2021
89College of Health Technology, Port-HarcourtRiversFullMLT- 50Nov., 2021
90Sch. of Health Tech. GwadabawaSokotoFullMLT- 50October, 2024
91Al-Huda College of Health Technology, SokotoSokotoApproval to CommenceMLT- 30June, 2021
92Sch. of Health Tech. TakumTarabaFullMLT-50July, 2022
93College of Health Technology, NguruYobeApproval to commenceMLT- 30June, 2021
94Sch. of health Tech. TsafeZamfaraFullMLT – 40; MLA - 10September, 2021
95Lala International College of Health Science and Technology, GusauZamfaraApproval to commenceMLT- 30December, 2020
96Peaceland College of Health Technology, EnuguEnuguApproval to commenceMLT - 30December, 2021
97Parliament College of Health Sciences & Technology, YelwaKebbiApproval to commenceMLT - 30March, 2022