Information for Foreign MLS Graduates

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Introduction: Foreign graduates in this context refer to candidates with Bachelor’s degree or other recognized qualifications in medical laboratory or biomedical science obtained outside Nigeria. The candidate seeking Council registration into Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) Cadre should satisfy the following criteria.

  1. Application for Registration
    1. Applicant shall complete an application form downloaded from Council website:
    2. The MLS cadre for which he/ she is seeking registration for shall be stated.
    3. Possess minimum O’ level subjects requirement at not more than 2 sittings (5 credits in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
    4. Attach qualification(s) obtained and academic transcript to support his/her application.
    5. Request Federal Ministry of Education to evaluate the Degree, Diploma or Certificate obtained for such cadre as well as foreign O’ level certificate and forward directly to Council.
    6. Request his/her Institution to forward directly to Council hard copies of transcript and training Curriculum in official seal and stamp.
    7. Pay application fee of Ten Thousand Naira (N10, 000.00) only to the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria and development levy of Eight Thousand Naira (N8, 000.00).
  2. Verification/Evaluation of Certificates and transcripts
    1. All Certificates and transcripts presented by the applicant shall be verified/authenticated and evaluated
    2. If deficient, the candidate shall be asked to remedy the deficiency before proceeding to the next stage.
    3. Certificates and transcripts not written in English Language shall be required to be translated to English Language at cost to be borne by the applicant.
    4. Foreign O’ level results must be sent for evaluation to the Fed. Min. of Education (FMoE) by the candidate and the evaluation report sent directly to Council.
    5. All Certificates and transcripts not clearly understood shall be sent for evaluation to determine its equivalence at the expense of the applicant.
    6. Applicants whose training curriculum were grossly deficient compared with Nigerian Equivalence will undertake and pass the deficient Courses in an approved institution to qualify for mandatory practical laboratory posting/attachment and assessment Examination
  3. Laboratory Posting/Attachment
    1. Beginning from October 2018, All foreign graduates requiring registration with the Council shall be posted for a 12 months mandatory training in approved Schools of Medical Laboratory Science within University Teaching Hospitals for practical-related lectures and laboratory attachment (including attachment to MLS on call-duty) to acquaint them with the procedures obtainable in our locality.
    2. The training shall be done under the supervision of qualified and licensed Medical Laboratory Scientists using Council approved BMLS laboratory posting manual.
    3. The Laboratory posting manual duly signed by the appropriate officers of the institution where the training was done shall be submitted to Council as a condition for eligibility for the assessment examination.
  4. Council Assessment Examination
    1. The applicants for Council registration shall sit for assessment examination which shall be conducted by MLSCN yearly at the training centres.
    2. The examination will be specific for each cadre and shall comprise of Written Papers, Practical and Oral/Viva. The Examination shall include the following:-
      1. Written paper covering all disciplines of Medical Laboratory Science.
      2. Practical papers which shall include examination of spots/specimens.
      3. Oral or Viva covering all disciplines of Medical Laboratory Science.
    The Training/Examination fee is as follows:-
    1. Associate Registration (Nigerians) N150, 000.00
    2. Associate Registration (Non Nigerians) N200, 000.00
    Successful MLS shall be inducted/participate in orientation at Abuja or any other venue as may be decided by Council within five (5) weeks of the release of results while the unsuccessful candidates shall re-sit the examination in the next available opportunity and pay only the examination fee of fifty thousand naira (N50,000.00) for Nigerians and seventy-five thousand naira (N75,000.00) for Non-Nigerians.
    Candidates who fail 3 consecutive times shall be barred from taking the exam until he/she undergoes 12 months remedial course.
    1. MLS Provisional Registration/Posting Letter: shall be issued to candidates with foreign qualification equivalent to BMLS/Associate after meeting the prescribed conditions. This will enable them to undergo the 7 months training/ practical laboratory posting/attachment in an approved facility.
    2. MLS Full Registration: shall be granted to candidates after successful completion of internship program/induction.
    All candidates for full registration shall pay the prescribed fees for the issuance of Annual Practicing Licence/Registration Letter which is renewable yearly.