MLSCN Governing Board

1Prof. Mohammed Yelwa GwarzoChairman
2Mrs. N. A. NwokeMember (Representing FMOH)
3Mr. Anthony NwovuMember (Representing South East Geopolitical Zone)
4Mamah Emmanuel ChukwumaMember (Representing South East Geopolitical Zone)
5Dr. Chris MbataMember (Representing South South Geopolitical Zone)
6Mrs. D. Omemene OriakuMember (Representing South South Geopolitical Zone)
7Ifaturoti Adebayo Member (Representing South West Geopolitical Zone)
8Akinola AnjouMember (Representing South West Geopolitical Zone)
9Col. F. A. AdeoyeMember (Representing North Central Geopolitical Zone)
10Mr. J. S. David EjigaMember (Representing North Central Geopolitical Zone)
11Mr. Manir AliyuMember (Representing North West Geopolitical Zone)
12Hon. Jafaar MohammedMember (Representing North West Geopolitical Zone)
13Yakubu Yelwa MahmoudMember (Representing North East Geopolitical Zone)
14Yusuf MohammedMember (Representing North East Geopolitical Zone)
15Prof. Aniete MosesMember (Representing Academia)
16Dr. Mohammed Haruna YelduMember (Representing Academia offering MLS as a course)
17Chief Felix NwabuezeMember (Representing Private MLS Practitioners)
18Dr. Bassey Enya Bassey Member (Representing AMLSN)
19Mr. Idris Saliu Member (Representing NGOs with Bias for Health)

Accreditation & Re-accreditation of Medical Laboratories by MLSCN Accreditation Service

This is to inform the General Public that 661 Nigerian Air Force Hospital Laboratory, Ikeja, Lagos State and EL Lab Laboratories, Festac, Lagos State have been re-accredited by the MLSCN Accreditation Service.

Furthermore, Total Healthcare Diagnostics, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State has also been accredited by The MLSCN Accreditation Service. The List of Accredited Laboratories is available at the MLSCN accreditation Service Website via the link (