Extension of Deadline for payment of 2022 Annual Practicing Fee

Pls be Informed that the MLSCN Governing Board, in her magnanimity, has graciously extended the deadline for payment of 2022 Annual Practicing Fee (APF) by one month, that is till 30th of April, 2022.

The 2022 penalty is therefore to commence 1st May, 2022. This is to afford our esteemed practitioners more time to still make their annual subscriptions without penalty.



Important Information for Medical Laboratory Science Practitioners in Diaspora

For diasporan members to have their names retained in the Good Standing Register annually, the following (photocopies) must be submitted annually to the MLSCN:

  1. Payment of Annual Practice Fee (No penalty will be charged after approval as a diasporan practitioner)
  2. Data page of International Passport
  3. Visa page
  4. Employment Letter/Admission letter to authenticate that the practitioner is either working or studying abroad
  5. No CPD is required