Registering as IVD Provider


The following are the steps for company registration with the IVDs Laboratory:

  1. Application for company registration:
  2. Download, fill and submit IVDs company registration form (MLSCN/IVD/181) from (click on IVDs regulation submenu) with relevant documents attached as stated on the website
  3. Submit photocopy of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration certificate
  4. Submit a photocopy of your Trade Mark Registration Certificate as applicable
  5. Submit a photocopy of a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) or Letter of Authorization as a Distributor as applicable
  6. Submit Letter of Intent with correct physical address of facility
  7. Pay the importers/manufacturers/marketer company registration fee as applicable (N50,000 or N30,000) only to the MLSCN TSA account via Remita platform and present the evidence of payment to the IVDs Laboratory Administration Desk;
  8. Company registration certificate will be duly issued by the IVDs Laboratory in line with our turnaround time (TAT).