MLSCN Mandate

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Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) is a Federal Government Statutory Regulatory Agency established by Act 11 of 2003.

Key-points from the Act is contained below:

The functions of the Council as a statutory professional regulatory body are as stipulated in Section 4 of Act 11 2003 which include the following:

  • To regulate the practice of Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria
  • To determine from time to time the standard of knowledge and skill to be attained by persons seeking to become Medical Laboratory Scientists, Medical Laboratory Technicians and Medical Laboratory Assistants (referred to as “Scientists’, ‘Technicians’ and ‘Assistants’).
  • To regulate the training of Scientists, Technicians and Assistants in any institutions in Nigeria and give periodic accreditation to institutions.
  • To provide and maintain separate register for Scientists, Technicians and Assistants.
  • To regulate the production, importation, sales and stocking of diagnostic laboratory reagents and chemicals.
  • To assess, evaluate and register foreign graduates of Medical Laboratory Science
  • To conduct examinations for Technicians and Assistants
  • To inspect regulate and accredit Medical Laboratories(Public and Private)and
  • To perform such other functions as may be conferred on it by the Act.


  • A practitioner of the profession of Medical Laboratory Science shall be one registered and licensed by the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria to practice as such as stipulated in Act 11 of 2003 i.e. a registered and licensed Medical Laboratory Scientist.
  • Such a practitioner shall obtain a license to practice from the Council latest 31st day of March each year.
  • A person shall be deemed to be actively engaged as a practitioner regulated by the Council if in consideration of remuneration received  or to be received  and whether by himself or in partnership with any  other person.
    1. He holds himself out to the public as a Medical Laboratory Scientist under Act 11 of 2003.
    2. He offers to perform or performs any service involving knowledge of Medical Laboratory Science or
    3. He renders professional service or assistance in or about matters of principle or details relating to Medical Laboratory Science Procedure or the processing of data; or
  • Subject to the provision of Act 11, 2003 no person not being a fully registered Medical Laboratory Scientist under the act shall be entitled to hold any appointment in the Public Service of the Federation or State or any public or private establishment body or institution if the holding of such appointment involves the performance within Nigeria of any act pertaining to the profession of Medical Laboratory Science for gain.
  • All premises for the practice of Medical Laboratory Science shall operate with knowledge and backing of the Council and be fully registered with the Council for such purpose.
  • Medical Laboratories whether Government owned or private shall be headed by a Medical Laboratory Scientist with cognate experience.
  • A copy of the current license to practice shall be displayed in a conspicuous area in the business premises (Medical Laboratory)
  • Besides the Council’s seal, a neon or perspex sign embossed with Council logo would be conspicuously displayed in front of all registered facilities.
  • It is mandatory that all practitioners abide by the code of conduct which is made available to them on registration.