Guidelines for EQA

Enrollment of participants into the 2022 MLSCN EQA PT Scheme

This is to announce to our current and prospective participants that enrollment into the 2022 Batch 6 EQA/PT Cycle will commence as from Tuesday 1st February, 2022 to Thursday 31st March, 2022. Consequently, those wishing to participate are advised to visit the MLSCN Website to download and complete the enrollment form and advance payment to MLSCN using the stipulated guidelines contained in the form. All completed forms and evidence of payment should be forwarded to MLSCN through the dedicated email address on the enrollment form not later than Thursday 31st March, 2022.

S/NPanel typeNO. of Samples/Frequency of testingPrice Per Annum                (#)
3.3HCG (Pregnancy Test)3×2N10,000
3.4HBs Ag3×2N10,000
3.5T.B (10slides)10×2N20,000
3.6MP (10slides)10×2N20,000
3.7HIV Serology3×2N20,000
4.0H. Pylori3×2N10,000
4.1Malaria Rapid Test Kit (RTK)3×2N10,000
4.2SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Testing2×2N150,000
4.3Courier N25,000

Scheme information and rates are given below:

For further enquiries contact any of the following:-

1.         Joshua Barde  08035172346

2.         Ifeoma Onwukwue     08101593051

3.         Tyondo Henry 08034241684

Signed: PT Coordinator