CPD Policy


We see continuing professional development (CPD) as critical to future successful on-the-job performance. Earning CPD credits allows Medical Laboratory Scientists to reach beyond their formal education to the maintenance and continuation of important and necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to deliver high quality services.
As a requisite for licensure, the effective date for the CPD Policy commencement is 2013, which means that MLS will need to provide the appropriate documentation to support that they have obtained 10 CPD credits during the 2013 calendar year for licensure renewal by March 2014.
Approved CPD Activities include:
  • Attendance at MLSCN-hosted or accredited seminars, workshops, conferences
  • Attendance at AMLSN’s annual meeting, conference, seminars, etc.
  • Attendance at accredited training workshops in laboratory techniques or equipment (These trainings can be organized by individual Medical Laboratory Scientists or by an institution)
  • Completion of Advanced Certifications and Degrees
  • Participation in journal clubs and discussion groups
  • Organizing a CPD activity
  • Serving as an invited lecturer/part-time teacher after lecturer
  • Serving as an Internal and External examiner; Assessor, Coordinator or Facilitator of Council examinations
  • Serving in the role of on-site inspector for accredited programs or laboratory inspections for MLSCN
Medical Laboratory Scientists must complete the Request for CPD Credits Form for each activity and present these forms to MLSCN upon licensure renewal. Any individual or organization interested in organizing a CPD accredited activity and becoming an accredited provider of CPD activities must complete the Application to Offer a CPD Activity for each CPD activity and submit it to MLSCN at least two months before the intended start of the event.

The Medical Laboratory Science Council Advisory on COVID-19

The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria in line with its regulatory functions and mandate has viewed the emergence of the pathogen identified as Corona Virus (Covid-19) and other related pathogens with concern based on both the mode of transmission, the pathogenicity, the social and economic impact of the disease and hereby states as follows:

Due to the higher likelihood of the infection spread in crowded gathering, MLSCN is hereby suspending ALL Official activities (Inductions, Accreditations, Inspections, Meetings etc.) for a period of Six (6) Weeks with effect from 23rd March, 2020.

Individuals are advised to avoid handshakes, hugs, kisses, close contacts with other people. Use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers should be adhered to.

All Laboratory practitioners must wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the course of duty.

All good laboratory work practices and code of conduct should be practiced always.




The Governing Board of the Medical Laboratory Science council of Nigeria, as part of its efforts to join in the fight to curtail the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) hereby temporarily suspends for a period of six (6) weeks in the first instance, the enforcement of the 200% penalty on late payment of Annual Practice licence with effect from April 1st, 2020.