Registrar tasks Training Institutions on MLSCN guidelines

Heads of Medical Laboratory Technician programs in Schools and Colleges of Health Technology have been urged to endeavor to keep abreast of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) policies and programs, in view of the upcoming national examinations. The charge was given by the Registrar/CEO, Dr Tosan Erhabor while welcoming the heads of departments of the various training institutions to a meeting in Abuja on 20th July 2022.

Dr Erhabor admonished the participants to follow attend scheduled meetings with MLSCN and follow approved guidelines to avoid destroying the structures in place. While urging them to take the examinations seriously and uphold the standards, he also commended them on the seamless conduct of the last examination.

In addition, the Registrar emphasized the need for them to ensure that their candidates are indexed, reiterating that only candidates with valid index numbers would be allowed to sit the examination. “Indexing of students should be done before the 31st of March, which is the closing date. Any institution that indexes its student on the 1st of April would be cause the student to lose six months. The examination rules are clear enough,” he said.

Furthermore, Erhabor encouraged the participants to be diligent while registering their students for examination as notable mistakes such as the Date of Birth, quality of passport photographs and wrong spellings of names for certificates would no longer be tolerated. “There is a specification for passport photographs by MLSCN and all schools should follow it or face the consequences. If the passport photograph is not current and clear, it should not be up loaded,” he said.

On the issue of Accreditation and Orientation, he noted that the student admission quota for fully accredited institutions is now 60, while the quota for the Federal School of Medical laboratory Technology Jos and the Federal Institute of Veterinary and Medical Laboratory Technology Vom has been increased from 50 to 70.