MLSCN New Practitioner Registration & Licensure Portal

This is to notify all Medical Laboratory Science practitioners that the MLSCN new practitioner Registration & Licensure portal is now live and would be used for the billing & issuance of practitioner licenses beginning from January 1, 2022.

The new practitioner portal hosted at which has been designed to ease the burden practitioners face in the payment for, and issuance of their practising license is laced with a number of features to technologically place the Medical Laboratory Science profession in greater light within & outside Nigeria.

Some of the notable features of the portal include –

  • Self-Registration of practitioners who have licences for the previous year
  • Licenses will now bear passport photographs of practitioners
  • A compendium of security features scattered all over the license
  • MLSCN e-bulletin is accessible on the portal

User Account Registration Process

Only practitioners who have licence for the previous year can register in the portal. To register, practitioners will be required to

  • Access the portal at and click on the Register button.
  • Provide your registration number in the format (RA12345) for verification across the MLSCN up-to-date practitioner list. Where a match is found, registration will continue with the registration form being pre-populated with practitioner name from the up-to-date list.
  • Complete and submit the registration.

On successful registration, the practitioner will be logged into the system to provide or complete his/ her practitioner details including contact information, education information etc, all of which will be subjected to internal verification process. Practitioners are also expected to upload amongst others a recent copy of their passport photograph, which is a compulsory requirement to be issued a license on the platform.

The Specification for the passport are –

  • The uploaded passport will appear on your license and should be of good quality.
  • The passport must be preferably on white background
  • Uploaded passport must be within the following dimensions 150px – 300px for width and 150px – 300px for height.

It is also important to note that most information sections can only be entered once and won’t be available for edit after the MLSCN internal verification process.

Invoicing & Licensing process

On successful completion of the requisite practitioner information forms, MLSCN will proceed to validate entries. Practitioners can thereafter proceed to generate and pay for their Annual Practising Fees, Bulletin & CPD Penalty as applicable on the remita payment page, as previously done.

Evidence of Payments with scanned copies of obtained cpd credits should be forwarded to council via mail to

MLSCN will review the payments made and where satisfied approve the issuance of the license. Practitioners can then access a temporary license (valid for 1 month from date of issuance) for their use within 72 hours of receipt of their evidence of payment.

Note that only practitioners who have uploaded their passports can access & have their licences issued.

MLSCN will thereafter print & make the valid licenses duly signed by the Registrar available for pickup or posting via surface mail to the practitioner.

Security features on the License

As stated earlier in this document, the MLSCN new license is fitted with lots of security features to checkmate forgery and counterfeiting. Practitioners are strongly advised to desist from faking & counterfeiting of licenses.