Don’t deviate from MLSCN policies, Registrar/CEO, admonishes HODs of Nigerian Colleges of Health Technology

The Registrar/CEO MLSCN, Dr Tosan Erhabor has called on the heads of Schools and HODs of Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) programme in Colleges of Health Technology (CHTs) to adhere strictly to the student indexing, registration and MLSCN examination policies to avoid the ire of the management. Erhabor made this call during the meeting with HODs in Nigerian CHTs.

While speaking at the meeting he noted that though there has been an impressive adherence to the new Council’s policy on indexing and registration, he noted that there are still some loopholes that have to be covered as the Council will not hesitate to discipline any school that falls foul of her policies.

However he said in as much as there have been high percentage in compliance there are still some schools that have not been able to do the right things which included: correct presentation of names and spellings wrong upload of photographs/ wrong index number or non existing number, non upload of internal exam result, non attachment of evidence of date of birth/age declaration and non endorsement by HODs.

He therefore warned the schools to comply as non compliance will lead to disqualification of the erring candidate/school.