The MLSCN owned NLECC with funding from CDC and technical support from IHVN, commences operation today Monday, January 20, 2020.

While going round the facility with his Management team, the Registrar/CEO MLSCN ,Dr Tosan Erhabor expressed optimism that the services rendered at the centre will meet international standard. According to him “this is due to the quality of facilities available at the centre, the competence of the personnel coupled with the technical assistance from IHVN”
Furthermore, Erhabor added that NLECC
Scope of calibration include: speed, volume, temperature and mass.

While in the meantime, NLECC handles the following equipment at the center; Stopwatches ( timers) , Pipettes, Thermometers.

But in the near future he said, the center intends to carry out onsite calibration of other equipment such as refrigerators and centrifuges.

He therefore, called on Medical Laboratory Practitioners and other users of the aforementioned equipment to send functional ones to NLECC for calibration, in order to guarantee quality results.

The details of prices and modalities of services are available @

National Laboratory Equipment Calibration Centre is located at the MLSCN House, Durumi, Abuja